Keeping It Cozy

Needless to state, I never intended for so much time to move before posting again! My break was wonderful, and needful, but I did so miss this website and all of you really! The days have been busy (the main reason I felt like I had a need to have a break), but we’ve had many special moments too.

All packing it among the full days of work, school and chores. In this right time both of our ladies experienced birthdays. Rosetta turned four and Jillian turned seven. They are ever so sugary and I try my far better soak in every moment as I understand this time will pass quickly and I want to enjoy every stage. You might remember from last year that my mother and I have a little rose business during the growing season.

We sell our bouquets from a roadside stand on the honor system (and also do some events). This year is a blast, since we have been even busier than last and we love every brief second in the bloom garden. You just can’t avoid feeling happy if you are surrounded by beautiful blooms, sunshine, and butterflies! I’ll do a separate post on a few of our flower happenings up to now!

My veggie garden was a little smaller this year. I wasn’t able to put anything away for the wintertime a few months, but it was completely stress free and we’d plenty of veggies for the summer months. I felt like I would be remiss easily didn’t execute a little upgrade on house projects! This past spring a great deal was had by us of updates to your house, but many of them pretty were more useful than!

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As you can view from the picture above, we are almost finished with our upstairs bathroom! We all love to have another bathroom, obviously! And we are so happy with how it is turning out. I cringe every time I remember grouting this subway tile with Justus but think it’s great so much that it could have been worth the pain! I promise to execute a separate post about the bathroom once it’s completely finished.

I knew I had fashioned to snap a couple of quick photos though because of this post since it has been so long! As you can see from the photo above, I’ve been too busy sluggish to finish painting, but I am hoping to get the motivation soon. My mom made the most perfect cotton dishcloths for me in my favorite color (yes, white 😉) for washing dishes, however they are so pretty I hook them up to my kitchen shelves and stare at them instead! In other news, I did somehow succumb to signing up for Instagram in the meanwhile, and if it is had by you, you can find me publishing about little arbitrary things there.