AI Team Business Lead At Relay42

Are you a skilled team business lead with a passion for machine learning and big data? We want for you to definitely help propel our AI team to another level. The successful application of machine learning in business-to-customer relationships is still one of the big missed opportunities in the consumer technology. Do you concur and wish to accomplish something about it? Contact us with your resume!

Relay42 is continuing to grow from a start-up to a champion in data marketing technology in Europe. We help top brands achieve a 360-degree view of their customers by connecting all data factors and personalizing 1 to at least one 1 communication across all stations and devices in a scalable way. We have become a market innovator in the Netherlands, and we are now connecting the rest of the world. As the AI Team Lead you will be developing the eyesight for our AI proposition.

It will be your responsibility to provide on that eyesight as well as a team comprising Machine Learning and Machine Learning Infrastructure Engineers. The AI proposition is part of a wider Relay42 product offering that includes Tag Management, Data Management, and Journey Orchestration. The AI module is integrated with the existing product offerings, enabling our clients to leverage machine learning in every touchpoint of their customer interactions. Your role will consist of making sure that the AI component matches consumer expectations and fits user needs, integrates with the prevailing functionalities of the system, and – of course – is shipped of plan ahead.

Setting & providing on the roadmap for the AI team in line with all business and development stakeholders. Developing and refining the merchandise vision for the AI proposition. Managing the performance and growth of the average person team members, enabling them to reach their maximum potential. Building an AI team that is the area of the future of Relay42. What are we looking for?

  • HCAD 750 Healthcare Informatics
  • What would he be planning on from you: A lot more than you think
  • Wright Career College
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  • 6 years ago from Keystone Heights, FL
  • Can one does more than just catch and playback
  • Fulbright Nehru Masters Fellowship for Leadership Development

The ideal applicant has experience managing a development team and productionalizing AI models in a commercial framework. Additionally, the applicant should have a strong knowledge of and demonstrable hands-on experience with machine learning best practices, statistical learning, and software engineering. Competitive salary and a great work environment where your projects shall have impact. Working with an extremely motivated, powerful, and young team with a mission to get a market leader in European union. And finally, the chance to make a real impact and work in a scale-up and informal environment.

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