Beauty In Different ELEMENTS OF The World 1

Beauty In Different ELEMENTS OF The World

There is nothing more desirable to a French man than the au natural look that many French women espouse. While many civilizations choose heavy makeup, a lot of women in France opt for the natural look, which contains little to no make-up. Instead, they highlight their natural splendor with warm and muted tones. French makeup artist Violette in a Vogue interview.

To look their best with minimal makeup, French women work hard to keep their pores and skin in great condition with lotions and other makeup products. French women take their au naturel look to the extreme sometimes. Today While less common, French women also have opted to embrace their natural body hair rather than shave or wax it off like other Western cultures. That’s one beauty secret, I will not be including in my regimen.

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Face Oil: Without a doubt one of the very most powerful potions on your shelf, the small molecular framework of face oils allows these to permeate deeper into your skin and hydrate at a much deeper level. They repair and plump your skin also, and feed it with amazing natural vitamin supplements.

Oil must go last since it will create a protective hurdle on your skin and secure water, if not applied last, it might obstruct your other skincare products from penetrating. If you’re on the greasy skin list, we recommend only using your face oil at night. For our guide about how to choose the right oil, check out our guide here. We just like the Ordinary’s Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane – it combines an incredible natural oil (squalane) and a form of retinol, which are the best anti-aging ingredient. You can also make your own face natural oils for a fraction of the price, check out our DIY guide here.

You can also skip this task for daytime if you’re using a moisturizer and go to the SPF right. SPF: For daytime, this is THE most significant step, even during the winter months. Every morning will protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays Applying a good sunscreen. An SPF will take a seat on the top of your skin layer acting as a protective barrier against sunlight, so you should apply it last; otherwise, it could stop your other products from penetrating.

If you want the best for your lip area, then pick a lip balm that is constructed of the best and purest ingredients, which means that your lip area will absorb only the best nutrients to keep that healthy pout. Introducing Mentholatum Lip Pure, a lip balm that your lips will love as it is developed with essential 100 % natural ingredients to keep wetness on your lips locked-in all day long.

These key ingredients are abundant with Fatty Acids, which moisturizes the lips naturally. Avocados, which are abundant with Vitamin A, D, Shea, and E-Butter have been proven to promote natural Collagen production, which can help the lips remain looking youthful, soft, and plump. To top it off, Beeswax, Royal Jelly and Manuka Oil from honey bees are using to lock in moisture and provide resilient hydration to keep the lips smooth and supple during the day. From: Made in Japan.