Fortnite Season 9, Week 6 Challenges And Where To Find Hot Spots, Storm Flip 1

Fortnite Season 9, Week 6 Challenges And Where To Find Hot Spots, Storm Flip

E3 2019 has ended, on Thursday night and Epic Video games has a new collection for Fortnite issues out. Week 6 challenges will have players going to Hot Spots and finding the now incredibly rare Storm Flip throwable. As with previous weeks, these getting issues are straightforward. Just make it a spot to land at these locations once you start up a match.

SMGs are pretty common to find in a match. However, the ones no problem finding are the ones that do a minimal amount of damage. When you find one, make a point to utilize it on an opponent, ideally when they’re least suspecting it. This enables you to get a few shots in and then switch over to a shotgun if close up or a rifle if a long way away.

Look for the Burst SMG and Drum Gun to offer high damage numbers in a few seconds. Fortnite season 9 added Hot Spots to the island. During a match, called locations shall convert yellow on the map, which means Loot Carriers shall start showing up with weapon caches. To complete this challenge, make a beeline to a Hot Spot once it appears on the map.

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However, be prepared for a fight as these places were already busy prior to the week, and the business will pick up because of this problem. Starting early in the match gives hook advantage as chests and ammo boxes will be more available than going to a Hot Spot later on.

Players tend to avoid vehicles in fits as it creates them defenseless. If you visit the different race monitor locations such as the ones in Paradise Palm, Junk Junction, and Happy Hamlet, there’s a chance you’ll catch another player riding around. Players are likely to begin using vehicles when the surprise circle begins as a way to get out of the storm so keeping an eye on the storm-group perimeter could be helpful in finding opponents driving to save lots of themselves. Luckily, there’s another challenge this week that will assist with this task.

The new Storm Flip grenade is a powerful tool in Fortnite. So powerful that Epic is constantly on the make changes to how much damage it deals. Surprise Flip is harder to find thanks to update v9 also.21. This challenge shall require a little of luck as chests have a 1.69% potential for containing the throwable.