Pricing Plans & Premium Upgrades: 1.800.805.0920 1

Pricing Plans & Premium Upgrades: 1.800.805.0920

Kick the wheels and take it for a spin. SUBSCRIBE It’s Free. Takes less than 30 seconds. SUBSCRIBE It’s Free. Kick the auto tires and take it for a spin. Ideal for clubs, organizations, teams, and non-profits. Perfect for clubs, organizations, teams, and non-profits. The right choice for businesses seeking to expand. The right choice for businesses looking to expand.

Perfect for clubs, organizations, teams, and non-profits. Ideal for clubs, organizations, teams, and non-profits. A good choice for businesses looking to expand. The right choice for businesses looking to increase. Kick the auto tires and take it for a spin. Sign Up It’s Free. Takes significantly less than 30 seconds. Sign Up It’s Free. Kick the tires and take it for a spin. Need more room to grow? Contact us about business development and enterprise solutions. Whether you’re a business organization or making a website for personal use WebStarts has you covered. WebStarts includes your web hosting, website name, and web design software. The move and drop website editor are powerful enough for professionals but easy enough for everyone.

If I buy my Moto E through the advertisement web hyperlink do you get credit for it? How do I be sure you get some of the mobile phones, I am about to buy through your Ad Links? 2 come with an SD card or not? TracPhone appears to have developed a policy to make their “Triple Minutes FOREVER” pay back for them. Periodically (every 20 minutes), without warning or authorization, the minutes on your phone will mysteriously “tick away” in increments of .15 minutes at a time. I called their customer support department and was told, “You’re screwed, we can’t do anything about the missing minutes”. On the pre-paid cellular phone, those full minutes are MONEY.

So, TracPhone will take your cash and let you know then, “You’re screwed”. What a marvelous business design. Question: Looking through the phones, there seems to be one the ZTE that may have voice texting. My main problem of any mobile phone is the time it takes to type out a text message.

Is this right. Will the ability to be had by this mobile phone to take a tone of voice command and transform it into a text? Are there any other Tracfones that can do that? I like the L22 though still. Tracfone just announced that people can bring our very own smartphone to Tracfone. 5, iphone 6, any smartphone, Verizon even.

The game just transformed! I’ve had a bit of the problem since Easter lost my mobile phone (The kind that does not use a sim card) call? Anyway I’ve tried to buy several mobile phones at Walmart all the salesmen said it would work but alas in 59433 they do not. Can I be told by you the easiest and least expensive place to buy a replacement. Many many Thanks. Don PS I get your emails and revel in them to no end. They will send you the right phone according to your address and you’ll find some very nice deals! Alcatel A564C vs LG Power L22C What exactly are the direct comparisons between these 2 cell phones?

Great website and it helps me make my decisions in purchasing my next Tracfone. Have you heard about this? They are two new phones that may enhance the Tracfone smartphone family possibly. Tell us what you think of this! Hey, there had known about the Samsung mobile phone, but not the HTC, thanks a lot for the relative minds up! No problem. Wanted to see if you knew Just.

I read that roaming is not possible with tracfones. Does this imply that the phone can only be used in the zip code area where the user lives? If so, doesn’t this defeat the goal of a cellular phone? Thank-you for just about any information you can give me. I live in Florida and was making calls from my phone while in Alaska. Review making can be an important job!

  • Target your unique community (defined by zip code, factors of interests, thoughts, etc)
  • Add DataSource control and Configure
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Thank you for doing it! I used to have a TRACFONE flip mobile phone and it proved helpful great for years. About six months ago I switched (treated myself) to a TRACFONE LG15G and hate it. After about 4 a few months it passed away on me so that it was changed free by TRACFONE (it got per month).

The replacement you are no better. Half-enough time I must take the battery out and put it back just to shoe it up. That is what the initial LG15G started doing before it eventually died. So I start to see the same pattern. Text messages also take hours to get to me and many calls often go direct to voicemail, which wasn’t the situation with my TRACFONE flip phone. It’s so unreliable that relatives and buddies call me on land lines now. 50, but this telephone dies once, I’m going back to a TRACFONE flip phone.