But WHAT'S The Catch For Everybody? 1

But WHAT’S The Catch For Everybody?

The Chinese are a competition of several dialects, who’ve graduated from calling each dialect a race and consider all dialects to be Chinese, although one cannot understand what the other is saying really. If left to themselves, the Chinese would have fought among themselves over their dialects. I am certain that this aggregation of convenience occurs among the other races in Malaysia, although I am going to not explore them.

Except to mention that in Sarawak, it will do the indigenous people much good if they’re willing to subsume their specific language under a more substantial agenda. But the real way things are, given the education system, it’ll be that Malay will dominate as the nationwide everyone and language else must speak plus British. There is much to be said however about the preservation of ethnic cultures of most language/dialect groups in the country, if only to keep in mind the roots of where we all come from.

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But looking ahead in forging the identification of the nation, it will prosper that the Nation has an identity that is a composite of as many of the key and good components of most of us. We have seen the successful amalgamation of religion with race already, if the key identity of the competition is religion. But then even, with the religion, not all races will be the same.

In other races, we see of religions being applied within a race. This integration of varied elements in a competition occurs naturally based on the fancy of each individual of every race and therefore cannot be ceased. To do so is to ostracize an individual as an outsider and not be a member of the inner fold. A politics party therefore is no different from a membership whereby membership requires a fee and there are benefits to be derived from being a member. The membership is really as good as what it can deliver to its members. If the membership does not deliver to its associates, its members will leave.

Other clubs will also rise, looking for members, probably peddling the same old stuff of the old golf club but with a twist – that new members have to be able to participate in the core team. The city splinters into different organizations. But what’s the catch for everyone?

It is only money and wealth. It is telling that one old guard could declare since we’ve not been able to make everybody a millionaire, at least we have made some individuals billionaire, including himself and his friend, of course. It really is about money. It really is of course true that everyone is within it for the money.

You and I and everyone else, because this is the construct of our present culture – that we need money to endure. But money for prosperity sake is a completely different kettle of fish – it is approximately greed and jealousy and domination. So that it is therefore no mystery why politics is couched in racial conditions as a means to acquiring the monopoly on wealth.