HACH OCR A Level Media 2019 1

HACH OCR A Level Media 2019

K: The ads set by the board. U: How these advertisements use media language to create an illustration. BAT: Analyze these media texts using Media Language, Representation, and context. CO: Use media terminology in your verbal and written communication. The Old Spice ‘Smell Like A Man’ campaign poster from 2010 was a transformative mass market campaign for the aftershave brand.

Prior to 2010 the Old Spice brand was related to a a lot older, extra mature male audience. This poster was part of a marketing campaign that sought to reposition the brand and make it extra accessible to youthful audiences. What kind of ads did Old Spice used to supply? Take a look at previous adverts to affiliate with representations and audience.

Who is that this ‘new’ man? Why is he sitting on a white horse? What connotations could this have? Why is he on the seashore? What kind of seashore is it? What connotations can the costume infer? Mise-en-scene (props, lighting, setting, costume, location, make up and Hair, Performance). Analyze the creation/effectiveness of representation to create which means within the adverts (Use Media Language in your analysis). Reach a conclusion about the advantages of utilizing context to characterize or misrepresent the individuals and attitudes in your chosen advert.

The Node.js Foundation and JavaScript Foundation are merging to type the OpenJS Foundation. The OpenJS Foundation brings more focus, collaboration, and power for advancing Node.js and JavaScript tasks and communities. Explore strategies for handling two of the commonest data formats used on the internet, XML, and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), on the Android platform.

On this first a part of a two-part sequence, you create the application skeleton, add an enter form for meter readings, and save those readings to a Cloudant database running within the cloud. Learn why it is smart to make use of JavaScript (Node.js), Swift, and the Java language on enterprise servers. Learn regarding the origins of Node-Red, what’s made it so fashionable, and our vision for the way forward for the undertaking. JSON’s key strengths are its lightweight syntax and its simple information mannequin, which have helped propel it to the dominant payload format in RESTful net companies.

Va11yS, or Verified Accessibility Samples, is a repository of dwell-working code samples that designers and builders can easily access to check with totally different assistive technologies and instruments. Use the LTI standard to write down net applications that combine with on-line training platforms as studying modules. The platform uses a distribution and orchestration layer that facilitates studying from a big amount of data in a reasonable amount of time to compute nodes.

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Cloudant Envoy is a micro service that sits between your cellular or web application and your cloud database. This weblog published particulars how I researched, planned, and carried out a Python software that tracked the quantity and kinds of days labored. Swagger is a useful specification for generating documentation for RESTful APIs, however its output can lack the entire detail or options you want. Find out how one can enhance Swagger’s native capabilities through using custom extensions, tools, and templates.

In this sample, we will set up a Drupal site through the use of Kubernetes and Postgres. This lab walks you through the steps required to create, construct, and run a cloud native Express.js microservice in less than 5 minutes. Learn regarding the variations between http and https and about application and server redirections.

Then, find out how to use fixes on the server and how to apply proxy fixes to redirect Node.js apps. Deploy and use an online-based health app in your smartphone utilizing Watson services on IBM Cloud and IBM Watson Studio. Create an utility to view developments of IoT device data across days and different statistical plots to research the info. Servlet 4.Zero totally integrates HTTP/2’s server push knowhow and in addition enables runtime discovery of a server’s mapping URL.