I am planing a trip to Vietnam, but I really do have a 10 hour layover (to Vietnam) and a 9 hour layover (leaving Vietnam) in Japan, at the Haneda Airport terminal specifically. I’m not sure where I’d use Japan, as that depends upon which city would be the best choice for me to visit in terms of shopping. As of now, I’ve Tokyo or Osaka on my places. Do you females and gentlemen have any Must-Have skin care/hair products for me to buy as well as where to get them? I might visit Singapore and Thailand also, so if you have any suggestions there too I’d really be thankful!

My Hair type: Slightly damaged due to becoming a blonde. Dandruff and greasy scalp. As of now I’ve my sights on restocking on SK-II and Sisley products for my mom (if it’s cheaper in Japan). Also, I’m bound to pick up some sunscreen! I’ve used the Nivea Sun Gel as well as the Biore Watery Essence so I’m wishing it could be cheaper in Japan than it gets it shipped to me in the states.

I only used this product once because I understood, my fondness for Sleeping Packs is just fleeting. It used to be fun, until I realized that pillow streaks are nasty. What I remember with the product is it settles onto your skin quickly, but like the majority of sleeping packs just, it certainly makes you feel that there’s a filmy sheet on top of your skin layer and it stains pillow cases. Overview of Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen CC Cream HERE. All Collagen Moistfull products have a uniform light floral aroma.

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I required this photo soon after getting up and exactly on my second month of use of this line. 8 weeks before this picture, I had troubled pretty, unhealthy pores and skin: zits dispersed all over my face, dryness on the edges of my nose and lips, and overall, my complexion looked dull.

In the first month, my skin’s shade and consistency have somewhat improved, although I put a couple of zits still. By the second month, my skin has improved big style and I noticed that my breakouts have gotten infrequent. Overall, my epidermis got healthier, looked more plump, and experienced this eternal dewy look.

While by using this collection, I’d still get a zit or two and I’d use my preferred spot treatments to take care of them. Just what exactly can I say about the Collagen state? Nothing because first of all, I do not know what Collagen appears like so I did not really “see” and “feel” if the merchandise in this range got this skin proteins.

Second, Collagen substances are too big to permeate the skin pores so I find this state rather unusual. Despite the hydrating and moisturizing claim, I really do think that this range is a lot more suited to oily, combination oily/normal, and normal skin types due to the consistency of the products. Plain and simple, Collagen Moistfull is just a superbly hydrating range, which may also be enough to keep carefully the skin healthy–it’s ideal for you if you want to rejuvenate your skin given that you don’t break out from it. I really like the fact that for only 3k also, you get a whole skin care set whereas with other boutique skin care brands, that is the price for a serum only. Through Collagen Moistfull, I’ve proven to myself once again that hydration is the difference- machine for the skin and most of enough time, what’s simple is what works.