Skin Caring In The Summers 1

Skin Caring In The Summers

Looking after your skin layer in summer the correct way is very important. So, make it a point to employ a face wash. If you’re on the run, forget to transport face wipes never. They help cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin. They even take the dirt off the face. SPF 30, which double as sunscreens also.

Avoid soap. Utilize a cleaning dairy Instead. A lip balm is a must for all age ranges. Since summer is all about sweat and grime, avoid greasy astringents and use instead rose water. Also drink lots of water to hydrate your skin. Less is more. Put on a minimum makeup and only a hint of translucent powder. But if you do want to include a dash of glam and your skin is dry, try creams which provide a dewy effect.

  • Take 1 tablespoon of liquid seaweed and combine it with honey and apricot essential oil
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  • Hand and feet conditions

This hydrates your skin and provides a glow. Opt for clear mascara rather than a black one, and use a pale lipstick for your lips and cheeks. Peppermint feet cream works wonders. The last words of caution: Never sleep with makeup on. Try utilizing a sunscreen for hair. Leaving on a conditioner with UV protection is a great bet for dry and brittle hair. Products for treated hair are essential in summer, besides using liss and fizz control solutions regularly. A regular oil massage too helps. Try deep-conditioning treatment, as the sun-rays damage the hair. And lastly, the golden rule: You need to regularly follow the three golden rules of cleansing, toning and moisturizing for a healthy skin and fabulous glow.

And not give him a fairytale marriage? The response is, how else would we understand how to handle our very own marital issues. Our prophet PBUH was a individual, and his wives were individual. Thus their problems were resolved in the best of manners and we learn from how they resolve their problems.

Of the most crucial thing, in this culture women were mistreated and abused. It was the norm to physically discipline ones wives. Yet our prophet PBUH never once lifted his finger against a wife, in a society where it was the norm. Yet as A’isha herself said “walahi never was the hand of the prophet PBUH lifted against any women or servant”.

So this shows the perfect role model in the treating women. However disciplinary action may also be required. First ask, talk and demand what you want. After that, leave for a while and let things calm down. Allah says in the Qur’an “leave and abandon them in their houses”. Notice if the person tells his wife to leave, this is unislamic and wrong.

The man must leave, not the ladies. This again shows us the mannerisms of Islam, you never kick a women out of her own house. 3. The news headlines of the marital problem of the prophet PBUH spread to the whole city. Not just this, Allah revealed in the Qur’an verses. This shows us that, to have a marital problem, is not in and of itself so embarassing that its taboo no-one can talk about it.

We have extremes inside our society where it becomes complete taboo to say marital problems. And thats an issue, by talking about it to other people because, solutions are available. As usual Islam is in the middle. You do not go and inform every small little thing to everyone. On the flip side nor in the event you believe that it is taboo to tell major problems. Within this incident the whole city of Madinah knows and they are in the masjid crying because they love the prophet PBUH.

But the prophet PBUH is not embarrassed. The good marriage is not one without problems; its one where problems are trivial and resolved swiftly. How often did this incident happen in the duration of the prophet PBUH? Once. This is the ideal marriage. Onetime it got so bad, he demonstrated to us how to deal with it. And subhanAllah among the best ways to solve an issue is to just seperate and let both parties to cool-down.

As for our prophet PBUH he didn’t do anything wrong, but he offered his wives the chance to think and calm down. 4. The in-laws can and should become involved. 5. Fiqh advantage: the spouse has the to give his wife the choice of divorce. If fiqh its called ‘ikthiyar’ i.e. choose. This is what the prophet PBUH do.