The Rib-eye Itself, However, Was Atrocious 1

The Rib-eye Itself, However, Was Atrocious

Aston’s could very well be one of Singapore’s most famous names in the business of earning steak. Not because they’re the best, but because they’re (perhaps) the least expensive. After all sure, you’d probably be capable of getting cheap meat in a few random food courtroom somewhere, however, not in a nice, comfortable air-conditioned joint.

We’re trying the Changi Airport T1 electric outlet. It’s cool, decorated nicely, pleasant – and the ongoing service sucks. Both folks asked for tepid to warm water, but we were served only one glass. After all, does it take a fine-dining restaurant waitress to understand that two people should have two glasses? All cream taste with a few bits of mushroom floating around just.

To top it off, the starch wasn’t even dissolved properly, with small lumps from it around floating. The Lemon Lime Chicken (SGD6.50) tasted very good. Despite what the name says, that sauce is more of a plum sauce than lemon and/or lime rather. Each main course comes with a choice of two side dishes – there’s about a dozen different ones to choose from.

The rib-eye itself, however, was atrocious. Is it too much to require some sodium and pepper on the meats? It had been also very chewy, and the thicker half of the steak was close to the medium-rare that I ordered nowhere. Day for the chef Perhaps it was just an off, but also for a restaurant that specializes in steak, such a blunder is hardly acceptable. The only reason I didn’t bother sending it back to the kitchen, was since it was so bland and tough anyways. Having tried Aston I still maintain that for steak on a budget, doing it yourself continues to be the ideal solution. You will not get the “charred” taste using a grill pan at home, but you’ll be surprised how good it actually tastes.

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