What Do You Think Of These Two Products? 1

What Do You Think Of These Two Products?

I love checking out new foundations, and in this article I have a basis and concealer duo product please a environment powder to share with you. Both products are from the brand Global Goddess Beauty. Are there Appearance Perfection Duo Pores and skin Nourishing Base/Concealer First, that I have in the shade 2.0. Second is their Complexion Perfection Japanese Rice Powder with Ginseng.

Check out my full review on each product, including all the product info, after the pics! 17.99 (0.42-oz full size). On the Efficient Living website, at Dermstore (for some reason the Dermstore website is charging much more and they just have two tones to choose from), and everywhere else Global Goddess Beauty products are sold.

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The three C’s of flawless beauty – treatment, coverage, and concealment. The Complexion Perfection Duo creates the perfect balance. It not only will take the guesswork out of achieving a flawless face for any skin tone, but it is also a nourishing skin-saving treatment. Global substances like Illippe Butter, Chamomile, and Neem soothe your valuable skin.

The cream-to-powder basis glides to a silky matte finish, as the matching concealer is the perfect emollient formula to reduce lines and wrinkles and shadows. Obtainable in several shades; I have shades 2.0, which is the 3rd lightest shade and when it showed up in the mail I was a little worried because the building blocks appeared too dark and the concealer appeared too light.

However, the foundation was a close to perfect match for me personally! The concealer is too light to use for blemishes still, but best for brightening under eyesight circles and my a Muslim – I quickly applied the building blocks on top so it wasn’t so light on my epidermis. They don’t show the shades on the Efficient Living website, which is the state retailer for Global Goddess Beauty. This is supposed to be a cream to powder formulation, but it never completely set on me. However, I have that problem with nearly all cream foundations because of my combo/oily skintone. Through the winter is pretty much the only time cream foundations can work on my skin without issues.

If I established this foundation it’ll work but really cream foundations are not the best choice for oily epidermis types. This basis/concealer duo compact doesn’t come with an applicator, nor does an area to be acquired by it for one like the majority of compacts do. I used the e.l.f. Makeup products Studio Line Small Stipple Brush to apply and blend this away.