Beauty And More By Pilar 1

Beauty And More By Pilar

We all know that February is a brief month, but this season is already going by so quickly! Today I have another lifestyle post to talk about mainly. I try to do this post within the first few days of the current month, but hey life happens lol. Started the month eating healthy with a salad that I made. I ate salad quite a few times during February.

Super Bowl Sunday food. I decided to make something simple. I’m so happy the Patriots acquired! I really like Taco Bell and everything, but I find making my own better and I get more for my money. My guilty pleasure. A Slaw Dog out of this restaurant called Sandy’s in my City.

Pictures from my ROMANTIC DAYS CELEBRATION post. I needed to make one more scarf and head wear place for myself for the Winter. I was very delighted when Lion Brand Yarns delivered me a few skeins of yarn I chose for an upcoming collaboration! This is a scarf I made for my best friend.

Another Popcorn Stitch Beanie I made. My newly washed natural hair. No makeup selfie. Always remember to wear your crown. There you have it, my life in February. It was a fairly simple month. I explained earlier in the post that I got this post up a little late. I might take a short break soon, this week but I will be catching up on your websites and Instagram! I plan on doing a St also. Patrick’s Day themed makeup look, since I really do one each year!

  • Negro Spiritual
  • Finish you are looking for (Matte, Semi Matte or Glowing)
  • A matte eyeball shadow on the Balm in Meet Matte (Matte Batali)
  • Who is your superstar crush
  • Pretty convenient product packaging
  • 1950s Eyebrow forms
  • Smile! God is in love with you! Keep smiling yet others will too
  • 8 years back from South Valley Stream, N.Y

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“Now the questions that come to mind. What kind of world where ugliness is the beauty and norm of the deviation from that norm? An answer is sought by you? The answer is. Make any difference ‘t. Because the old saying is actually true. Beauty was in the attention of the beholder. In this year or a hundred years hence.

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