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Korean Skin Whitening Cream

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I find the prologue picture with Old Raoul quite uninteresting and I can’t stand that the musical makes a few suggestions that the Phantom may have genuine supernatural forces. But departing these little niggles aside the ALW musical is wonderful! Regardless of how fashionable it’s become to mock Andrew Lloyd Webber these days, the music that he wrote for The Phantom of the Opera is completely beautiful. The musical isn’t the most accurate adaptation of Leroux’s reserve but it’s a lot more faithful than it’s usually given credit for. The show is a visible feast for the eyes and it has stunning models and outfits.

And because it’s a stage version it gets reinvented at all times because of different stars adding their own interpretations. No two shows of Phantom of the Opera are a similar. I love this musical so, so much. 6. Who’s your favourite character in Phantom? I hate to visit for the uninteresting and predictable answer but it offers to be Erik.

Quite simply he’s one of the biggest anti-heroes ever written. Erik is arrogant. He’s selfish. He’s violent. He’s mentally unstable. He’s even a murderer and kills at least two people. However it’s amazing how Leroux were able to make Erik so sympathetic and even likeable despite all of these flaws. It isn’t as though anyone ever taught Erik any differently and his love and devotion to Christine is so touching. I also love Erik for his wry and sarcastic sense of humour.

7. What are your favourite Phantom songs? Through the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical: Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, Wandering Child, Phantom of the Opera, the Night the Overture and Music of. That is a rough top five though and it’s really prone to change! From the Yeston and Kopit musical: You Are Music and Home The Yeston and Kopit musical technically emerged before ALW’s musical but it wasn’t released in time.

When the ALW musical became a large strike, the Y&K musical’s financial backers supported out. In an attempt to cut their loss Y&K rewrote their musical as a TV miniseries and took out all the music (see the Charles Dance version). Eventually they were able to bring out their musical but it’s pretty obscure. From your Tom Alonso version: The Love You NEVER REALLY HAD.

This is a song from an extremely obscure Phantom musical and its lyrics are gorgeous. From Love Never Dies: Til I Hear You Sing and Beauty Underneath. 8. What are your least favorite Phantom songs? I HATE the No One Would Listen tune from the 2004 movie! OK they didn’t devote the actual movie in the end but it’s still a horrible song! 9. What is your favourite costume from the ALW music? I love Christine’s Think of Me outfit from the ALW stage version!

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I love the mixture of the red, precious metal and green. I also love Christine’s bridal dress from the Final Lair scene. 10. Who are your preferred ALW Phantoms? Ramin Karimloo, Earl Carpenter, John Owen Jones, Michael Crawford and Hugh Panaro. 11. Who are your favorite ALW Christines? Sierra Boggess, Gina Beck, Katie Hall and Rebecca Caine. I feel I have to give an explanation for not mentioning Sarah Brightman. Well, I won’t deny that Sarah Brightman is a great singer but I’m not a enthusiast of her Christine. Her voice is far too operatic-sounding for my preference and she appears like a Carlotta to me.

I really do not like what I’ve seen of her performing either. 12. Who are your most liked ALW Raouls? Hadley Fraser, Steve Barton, Michael Ball, Killian Donnelly and Simon Bailey. Patrick Wilson’s Raoul was also one of the few good things about the 2004 movie. 13. What is your opinion of the 2004 movie?