Marketing For Wellness Professionals & Holistic Entrepreneurs 1

Marketing For Wellness Professionals & Holistic Entrepreneurs

Have you heard about “Be Yourself Marketing?” Probably not, since I just developed the term! I mean. It all comes down to being yourself as you reveal your work and message with the world. Like a wellness professional, remaining authentic in your work is really important to you undoubtedly. You’re probably drawn to other “be yourselfers” who exemplify this easy-going, loving, genuine way of sharing who they are and blending it with what they actually for a full-time income seamlessly.

When it comes to sharing your message with the world, you want to connect with your ideal clients in a way that feels right to you and to them. It’s common for wellness pro’s to shy from marketing and the dreaded Sista’ Sales, because we don’t want to be viewed as pushy, “sales-ey”, inauthentic, and let’s face it, right annoying down. But you run against the big challenge: how will you help your clients understand your projects and purchase from you without feeling like you’re marketing to them?

In other words, how will you get the phrase out there while still staying true for you? One of the best questions! If authentically writing your message while effectively reaching your ideal clients is important to you (and it ought to be!), then you’re going to love implementing Be Yourself Marketing.

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It’s the most exciting trend I’ve seen in business yet and it’s really perfect for health and wellness entrepreneurs. You’ve come across it all over the place and hopefully you’ve jumped on the bandwagon already in how you connect your work to the world. So what are genuine Be Yourself Marketing experts doing that you can study from?

Two things: One, they’re using personal means of communicating who they are and what their message is and Two, they’re not distinguishing between who they are and what they do. It’s one in the same! YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and cultural media have allowed us all to you need to be ourselves. If you’re someone who feels a little uncomfortable about that (i.e. you’re probably fighting keeping your business posts separate from “what you did over the weekend” updates), then it is time to make a change.

Your existing and clients want to know you at a deeper level. They would like to feel linked with who you are as a person, not only using what your business is about. And this isn’t some tricky way to get them to obtain you, but it just so happens that your clients shall be drawn to you, because they’ll feel linking and want to remain connected.

Don’t you want to buy from people you understand and love and respect? Their stuff just flows and resonates with you, so you want to be a right to part from it. It’s because they’re shining down their light out there in such a big way that attracts one to them. You are frightened to execute a YouTube video because you don’t like what you look like on camera or aren’t sure what you will say. You have a problem with how to expose yourself at marketing events or sociable functions. How did you rating?