Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Enhance Air Cargo Operation 1

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Enhance Air Cargo Operation

Guangzhou Baiyun AIRPORT TERMINAL synergy with two leading global logistics companies – Schenker International and BAX Global – to enhance its cargo business in South China. The airport terminal signed an identical contract with another logistics giant, America-based U-Freight 8 weeks back. Huang Yongzhong, the overall manager of Guangzhou Branch of BAX Global.

It has nine international cargo airlines now, he added. The managing capacity of mail and cargo of the airport reached more than 630, year 000 tons last, by 8 up.6 percent from 2005. A In the first six months of this, the airport has dealt with 330,000 tons of cargo and mail. In October, the airport will collaborate with BAX Global to launch extended terminals.

That means cargo can be cleared through customs in other cities of Guangdong Province and be sent right to Baiyun Airport. Since Baiyun Airport is geographically close to Hong Kong’s Chek Lap Kok Airport, economists are concerned the aggressively growing Baiyun Airport will weaken the Hong Kong’s airport terminal. Chen said, adding that the two international airports are developing in the same region healthily and have complementary advantages. Eddie Chung, Director with Airfreight in South China of Schenker International, told China Daily.

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