Content & Social Media Marketing Insights 1

Content & Social Media Marketing Insights

How was your 2017 as far as marketing and branding? Do you have your strategy ready for 2018? When was the last time you viewed your website content and branding position? What perhaps you have done in social media channels? Perhaps you have done your quest into how your clients view you and your business?

I hope you enjoy the article with a few insights into steps to make 2018 a banner season for you as well as your business. Like many of you, we put a complete lot of time and effort into our business and branding. And one key element to all or any business marketing efforts is to check out the results to be able to effectively map out future marketing and business procedure changes. One fast and simple way to go about your year-end review is to look at your online engagement from days gone by year. Whether it’s looking at your social mass media stats or taking a look at your website traffic, a lot can be gleaned from these kinds of analytics.

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There are a few places to consider the stats you will need: You may use Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Google Analytics, or your site stats. Log into each of these and take a look at how your posts and articles performed. They can offer a lot of valuable information on how your business and marketing resonate with users.

If you’re stuck on the public press and want to learn more, please review our sturdy catalog of content related to all plain things interpersonal to mass media. Just what exactly did our analytics tell us what our followers liked? Not surprisingly this article in one of our guest authors, PR Specialist Susan Elford, offers similar advice to the one: pay attention!

Communication is key to an effective business so when clients and fans talk to you through sociable mass media, whether it’s by a direct comment, a talk about, or something else, you need to listen! Client interactions are a big deal for all of us and we like to build long-term ones by treating our clients with respect and hearing what they say.

We don’t just hear it, we listen. We then adjust and improve to reflect the client’s expectations. Use language and mannerisms your clients can relate with – use mirroring to deliver messages in a manner that makes them feel comfortable. And apply the same identification and response to your interpersonal media.